Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.


Nick Cannon gets embarrassed when his mom catches him flirting

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"hey can I copy your homework?"

“I was gonna copy yours”


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I was there when you first felt insignificant and you broke down crying, ‘What is so wrong with me?’ because no one would take you out to some dance. I was there when you found out that heart-break feels more like heart-shattered, and you believed you could never get over that feeling. I was there when you dove into all sorts of things that could replace the feeling of intimacy that you felt you so lacked. Maybe you didn’t notice, but I was always there. I was waiting on you this entire time. I’ve been loving you and caring for you and calling to you, ‘This way is better.’ I’ve been trying and trying so hard to make you understand how much you mean to me. I’ve been beside you in every struggle and hardship whispering, ‘You can get through this.’ And I will continue to do so, because I love you. And you can be sure I will be there when you finally realize that true love looks less like a boy and more like Me.

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I’ve always loved this. :-)

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plot twist: you scream to your mom who’s in her room to come to the table because you already made the dinner

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You’re really good at not letting people love you.
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